Nations® Indexes is the World’s Leading Independent Developer of Option-Enhanced Strategy and Volatility Indexes

At NationsShares, we’re bringing option enhanced methodologies and products into the investing mainstream. Our goal is to provide superior investment vehicles and indexes by combining traditional asset class products with intellectually rigorous option methodologies. Our next generation strategies were created by option professionals to be superior investment vehicles for real, long-term investors. By taking the conflicting needs of option exchanges out of the equation, Nations® can provide superior solutions. The option strategies that power our indexes are robust, elegant and enduring. The advantage isn’t transient and can’t be arbitraged away.

Better Ideas. Better Indexes.® Better Investments. That’s our mission.

Nations® Indexes Is Proud To Be Working With The International Securities Exchange To Bring The Nations® VolDex® Index of Implied Volatility To Investors And Traders Everywhere

The Nations® family of VolDex® implied volatility indexes measure implied volatility the way option users measure it, by focusing on at-the-money options resulting in a better measure of implied volatility.

NationsShares currently calculates the VolDex® Index on over 20 domestic and international markets covering equities, fixed income, and commodities.

SEC Approves Listing Options on Nations® VolDex® Index

New York, New York –  International Securities Exchange Holdings, Inc. (ISE Holdings) today announced that the SEC has approved listing options on the Nations® VolDex® Index (ticker: VOLI). The Nations® VolDex® measures implied volatility by focusing on at-the-money options while also offering an alternative gauge of volatility. ISE Holdings’ two options exchanges, ISE and ISE Gemini, are the first options exchanges to enter into a licensing agreement with NationsShares to list options on the Nations® VolDex®. The exchanges plan to list options on VolDex® later this year.