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Nations Index Values

Nations Index Values

Large Cap Volatility Indexes

Nations Large Cap Volatility Indexes are a significant improvement over existing volatility indexes. Nations volatility indexes deconstruct option skew to help traders and investors understand what’s really happening in option markets.

VOLQ and Technology Volatility Indexes

The Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (VOLQ) and Nations Technology Volatility Indexes offer unique insight into the most important technology index available to American investors. The Nations volatility indexes deconstruct skew in the most important technology index option market allowing traders and investors to understand what the option markets are really saying.

Large Cap Option Strategy Indexes

All Nations option enhanced strategies combine underling asset portfolios with systematic, theoretically robust option methodologies and result in superior investment vehicles. Nations® option enhanced strategies take advantage of the unique synergy that results from the combinations of underlying asset portfolios and covered options. The result is superior risk-adjusted returns.

Technology Index Option Strategy Indexes

Technology stocks offer unique exposure to the most interesting stocks in the American market. The Nations suite of option strategy indexes augments this unique exposure by taking advantage of the synergy of option overlay strategies.

Small Cap Option Strategy Indexes

Small cap stocks can be an important part of an investment portfolio but Nations option enhanced strategies combined with a small cap portfolio can generate superior absolute and/or risk-adjusted returns.

Global Equity Option Strategy Indexes

Global equity markets often respond to different catalysts than domestic indexes, offering opportunities for diversification. Nations strategy indexes can maintain that diversification while improving absolute and/or risk-adjusted performance.


Treasury bonds are the benchmark for fixed income markets.  They are also a preferred instrument for diversifying an equity portfolio.  So implied volatility of treasury bond option markets is an important consideration for all investors.  Nations Indexes deconstruct skew for treasury bond options, providing more insight.

Historical data is updated quarterly.

Additional Nations Indexes data, including real-time data, is available via subscription. Look here to see the complete range of asset classes we cover.